Loca Alma is designed as a lifestyle brand. We want to stimulate women to find out what makes them unique. Follow your own path, dare to be different and stand out. The Loca Alma Original is designed for ambitious women with a big drive so they can turn their dreams into reality.  The nine pockets help you to organize your shopper and kick-start your day. Use the bag wherever your journey takes you. Work, meetings and travels. The bag is always there to make you feel like you are on top of it. 


Loca Alma is a family business run by us, Lobke and Floor Mooij. We are sisters, both very different but in a complementary way. Lobke is focused on the creative part of the business. Ever since she was little she wanted to be an ‘inventor’ and had numerous innovative ideas. In her gap year she decided to chase her dream and to start this brand. Floor just graduated in a master business sustainability and was very enthusiastic about her sister’s idea to develop a start-up around bags. She brought in elements of sustainability. Together we worked out the philosophy and business model of Loca Alma, reinforcing each other in our skills.