Materials & the Process

We had very high standards in making the Loca Alma Original. Here you can read all about our materials and the production process. 


For our leather we had several criteria. First, we wanted cows with free range. This is quite difficult because in the leather industry you usually buy ‘from the market’ and cannot be sure about the origin and live conditions of the cows. Additionally, we wanted leather that is naturally tanned. Very often, leather is treated with chemicals, acid and salts to dye the hide because this is quick and requires little skill from the tanners. This is harmful for the environment and for the employers in the tannery. Naturally tanned leather is an ancient method that requires skilled craftsman and takes one to two months. It has no negative environmental impact, gives the leather a beautiful natural tone and shine and the leather actually gets better with time and use! Our third criteria was thick high quality leather to increase the lifetime of our bag. Finally, we wanted to find a supplier that was transparent about the origin of the skins and production process, since honest & open are one of our core values.

After a long search we found a supplier that ticked all our boxes; Tärnsjö Garveri. Since 1873 this Swedish family business is making eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather. The leather is thick and strong because it was often used as horse saddlery. Tärnsjö is among the 5% tanning houses worldwide who still employ the tradition of vegetable tanning. At Tärnsjö they highly respect the environment and make leather of the highest quality.  We are very proud to use their leather for our bags. To learn more about the tannery and the process check out their website:


With our own shopper bags we had a problem. The inner bag easily gets dirty and wears out quickly. That is why the Loca Alma Original has a renewable inner bag that you can wash, which extends the lifetime of your bag. The inner bag is made from hemp instead of cotton. Hemp grows fast, doesn’t need a lot of water and no pesticides have to be used while growing it. That makes it one of the most sustainable textiles currently available. On top of that, hemp is very strong and keeps in perfect shape. The ideal material for our renewable inner bag.


We wanted a short supply chain to reduce carbon emissions and good working conditions in the workplace. We found a workplace in the Netherlands that offers people with a distance to the labour market a chance to work. These passionate and skilled people are willing to work. In the workplace they acquire experience, professional certificates and are offered training and coaching. One of the team leaders, Samir, is in charge of the Loca Alma Original and has helped us to finish our design.